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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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page it, it is so long, and I have not time to read it over and look for the mistakes.
Yours ever.
London, Dec. 29, 1741.
1  "WHITE to you two days before the post goes out, because to-morrow I am to go out of town ; but I would answer your letter by way of Holland, to tell you how much you have obliged both Sir Kobert and me about the Dominichinl; and to beg you to thank Mr. Chute and Mr. Whithed—but I cannot leave it to you.
' My dear Mr. Chute, was ever anything so kind! I crossed the Giogo2 with Mr. Coke3, but it was in August, and I thought it then the greatest compliment that ever was paid to mortal; and I went with him too! but you to go only for a picture, and in the month of December! What can I say to you ? You do more to oblige your friend, than I can find terms to thank you for. If I was to tell it here, it would be believed as little as the rape of poor Tory4 by a wolf. I can only say that I know the Giogo, its snows and its inns, and consequently know the extent of the obligation that I have to you and Mr. Whithed. If I had any faith in virginity, I would beg that lady whose picture you have been to fetch, to reward you; but as I cannot hope for any miracles to pay my debts, I fear they will never be paid. Oh! yes, I have a virgin sister, and the virgin's name is Mary ; if you will pay yourself—padrone.'
IODTTEK 59.—1 A celebrated picture     Bologna.    Walpole.
of a Madonna and Child, by Domini-        8 Son of Lord Lovel, since Earl of
ohino, in the Palace Zambeccari, at     Leicester.    Walpole.
Bologna, now in the collection of the        * A black spaniel of Mr. Walpole's
Earl of Orford, at Houghton in Nor-     was seized by a wolf on the Alps, as
folk.     Watyole.                                     it was running at the head of the
2  Tlie Q-iogo is the highest part of     chaise horses, at noonday.   Walpole. the Apennine between Florence and